10 Cut Flower Perennials That Are Easy To Grow

6. Iris

Iris is a great cut perennial flower in the spring.

Number six in this top 10 cut perennial flower list is the Iris. It mainly blooms in the spring, but there are a few varieties that will bloom twice. You may see them listed as remontant which means to rebloom twice in a season. Learn more about bearded Iris here.


7. Globe Bellflower

Globe bellflower is an excellent cut flower perennial.

There are many different types of bellflowers but this one, Campanula glomerata, is my favorite. It’s a really deep pretty shade of purple and has flowers blooming up and down the stem.

Learn how to make simple bouquets in mason jars to give or keep at home.


8. Yarrow

Cut flower perennial Pretty Woman Yarrow

This variety called ‘Pretty Woman’ is just one of the many color options available. It’s a great cut flower perennial that also dries well. 

Common white yarrow for cut flower arrangements.

Here it is in a more common white color. Though we all love color, a little white can really help create a nice balance in your floral designs.


9. Beardstongue

White flowers from Penstemon perennial for floral designs.

Here’s another good white called Penstemon. This pretty perennial comes in a variety of colors and has a pretty delicate beauty which is great for filling your vase and adding a little airiness.

Penstemon Husker Red - colorful perennial cut flower

Here is the same plant with beautiful dark foliage, called Penstemon ‘Huskers Red.’ It looks great in arrangements, and in the garden all season long. The tall sturdy stems add a nice height to any arrangement.


10. Bachelor’s Button

Perennial Bachelor's Button for flower arranging.

Last but not least, is a perennial Bachelor’s Button. Some says this is a nuisance plant, because it does reseed freely, but I love the blue color. This particular variety is Centaurea ‘Montana Blue.’ Comes in a few different colors such as white, pink and purple. They even have a couple of deep colored ones like Centaurea ‘Jordy, and ‘Black Sprite.’

There you have it. A nice list of easy to grow cut flower perennials.

This is a nice group of basics, but you can also buy one of the many new varieties available, and create some beautiful flower arrangements for yourself.

Bringing the beauty of the garden inside, is something you and your guests are sure to enjoy.



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  1. Beautiful bouquet and a great list of cut flower perennials. Peonies are wonderful and I love to air dry them too. I’ve never seen that type of anemone going to have to see if I can grow it down south because it’s beautiful and adds such grace to an arrangement. I need to start doing more with flowers I always miss them this time of year.

    • Hi Carole,

      I love to dry peonies too. They are the bomb!
      You say you need to grow more flowers while I need to grow more edibles. I need to think outside the box and start planting some in the flower beds.
      Have a great week,

  2. I have difficulty with peonies, as I don’t have a protected area for them that is also sunny. I have 8 hydrangea varietals as well as a few irises, coneflower, and spring bloomers like daffodils and Lenten Rose. This is after nine years of digging out a yard full of English Ivy! The project will take another five years, at least! I am going to look into those anenomes.

    • Hi Kirby,

      What a feat digging up all that English Ivy. I think you’ll love the Anemone. It’s a fall bloomer and gets about 18″ tall. It also spreads and will fill in nicely in your new beds.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

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