5 Money Saving Tips During Spring Planting Season

If you are like me, you can’t wait to buy your summer annuals and a few new perennials, maybe a bush or two, once the weather warms up. Maybe you’ve lost a few plants to the harsh winter and have a few bare spots in your landscape that need filling. Maybe you just love plant shopping. I know I do, but the costs can really add up. So, before you break the bank this year, consider a few money saving tips I have described here, and hopefully you will end up getting your fill of new plants without damaging your budget.

Money Saving Tips in the Garden

Learn 5 easy ways to save money when buying plants for your garden.

Divide & Share

Dig up some of your own perennials, divide them, and spread them around.

Host a garden party with a plant swap. Most of the time people bring several plants that they needed to divide to share.

Shop with a friend, and buy larger pots of annuals and perennials that you can split, so you will get two for the price of one.

Contribute to Your Community

community plant sale ~ 5 money saving tips ~ gardenmatter.com

Look for local garden club sales in your area. These are usually held in May or June and have plants donated from member’s yards at a very low cost. Since they are local chances are they will do well in your yard too.

Start From Scratch

grow from seed ~ 5 money saving tips ~ gardenmatter.com

It’s a no-brainer, but growing plants from seed costs next to nothing, and there are many annuals (zinnas, cosmos, sunflowers, nasturiums) and perennials (black-eyed susan, shasta daisy, columbine) that are easy to grow from seed.

Cheap Fillers

cheap fillers ~ 5 money saving tips ~ gardenmatter.com

Fill in containers and bare spots with big box store loss leaders. Many of the big box stores will advertising basics plants at lower than normal prices, to get you in the door. I often buy a flat of white impatiens, as they go with everything, and seem to do well in sun, as well as shade at my home.

Beg, Borrow or Steal

If you have a friend or a neighbor, or even a relative who has something that you covet, you don’t really want to beg, borrow or steal. Maybe just ask them for some of their fabulous plant. Most gardeners a happy to share and will more than likely be flattered that you like their plants

By using one, or even all of these strategies, you should be able to have a great garden that you can feel good about. Did I leave anything out? What strategies do you use when gardening on a budget?


Learn 5 easy money saving tips when attempting to get more plants for your garden.

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