Basic Salve & Lip Balm Recipes

Salves and balms contain roughly the same ingredients. Typically though, balms have more beeswax and thus a firmer consistency. Experiment with different carrier oils alone or infused with herbs, essentials oils and differing amounts of the basics to obtain your own personal recipe.

Basic Herbal Salve
1 c. oil (herb infused, almond, jojoba, safflower etc..)
1 oz. (2 T) beeswax granules or shaved
25 drops (1/4t) essential oil of your choice

Warm the oil in a can that has been placed in a pan of simmering water. Melt the beeswax in the oil. The more beeswax, the thicker the salve. Remove, and add the essential oils and stir. Pour into containers.

Basic Lip Balm
½ c. or 4 oz. carrier oil (sweet almond, sunflower, jojoba
½ oz. or 1 ½ T beeswax granules
Vitamin E capsule (a natural preservative)
10-15 drops essential oil of choice

Heat the oil in a pan over simmering water. Do not bring to a boil. Add beeswax and melt slowly. Pierce vitamin E capsule and squeeze into beeswax mixture. Stir well and remove from heat. Let cool slightly before adding essential oils. Pour into containers.

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