Spiced Plum Pie Made in a Slab Style for a Fun Rustic Dessert

Spiced plum pie made in a rectangle slab style shape, can be a beautiful rustic looking dessert, that tastes as delicious as it looks. I really liked the idea of the “slab pies” I’ve been noticing online. The concept of pie, where the ratio of crust to filling is a little more equal, sounded like… [Read More]

Red Cabbage Apple Slaw – A Pretty and Tasty Recipe

Red cabbage apple slaw is a delicious combination of with a sweet and tart crunchiness, making this a healthy and tasty side dish. Last week’s CSA basket had fresh apples and red cabbage, which seemed like a great combination. That’s the inspiration for today’s recipe, red cabbage apple slaw. This one will feed a crowd,… [Read More]

Italian Stuffed Peppers for Any Day of the Week

Italian stuffed peppers make a great meal or a delicious party appetizer. This recipe works with many different types of peppers for a dish you will love. If you are growing your own veggies, or participating in a CSA like I am, then you’ll probably find yourself with an abundance of peppers. Though they are… [Read More]

13 Amazing Butternut Squash Recipes to Try Right Now

Butternut squash recipes are perfect to make in the fall. Here are a baker’s dozen that are sure to inspire your next dinner or gathering. One of my favorite things about fall is trying butternut squash recipes.  This hearty vegetable is great in all kinds of dishes from appetizers through dessert.  13 Amazing Butternut Squash… [Read More]

Fresh Tomato Basil Pasta Straight from the Garden

Fresh tomato basil pasta is a good way to use fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden. It’s so delicious you’ll want to make it every night. If you grow tomatoes and basil, there’s a good chance that you will have more than you need come mid-late summer. One of my go-to recipes for these… [Read More]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake: Easy and Decadent

Chocolate peanut butter cake. This recipe is easy to make and so decadent, with layers of chocolate cake, peanut butter and chocolate ganache. My entire family loves chocolate. However, my brother is a chocolate peanut butter fanatic. So, since it was his birthday, while we were at the beach, I made a decadent chocolate peanut… [Read More]

Fontina and Fig Grilled Cheese: A Winning Combination

This recipe for fontina and fig grilled cheese, is a winning combination of creaminess and sweet jammy flavors. The great folks from Valley Fig Growers in California really liked my blue cheese and fig jam burger and sent me some of their fig spreads and dried figs to try. One of the first things I… [Read More]