Easy Indoor Garden Plants


Gryphon Begonia

There are many houseplants on the market and I have tried several in my shady, dark home and found a few that do great with little care. The first I like because I can take it outdoors in late spring and keep it there until early fall. The Gryphon Begonia is a pretty houseplant known for its beautiful foliage. It resides on my covered front porch and it looks great all season long. In the fall I bring it in and set it in my dining room window which really does not get a lot of light but the Gryphon Begonia does great anyway. I water it only once a week especially in the winter. If we are having a very hot summer I may water it twice a week.

Three other easy must haves are: The Aloe Vera plant, Phaleanopsis Orchid and The African Violet.

Aloe Vera is a must for every home. There is nothing that treats a burn in the kitchen like a piece of Aloe Vera. It needs little to no care. I have it on my kitchen window sill which only gets late day sun but the Aloe plant hangs in there. Once a week watering allowing the excess water to drain is seems to keep my aloe happy.

The Phaleanopsis is a basic orchid which has beautiful blooms that last a long time. Even after the blooms die it will continue to thrive and eventually send out a new blom stalk to radiate your home.

The African Violet has a special place in my heart since it was one of the first plants I ever cared for when I was a child. They are great in an office setting and prefer to have no water touch their leaves so I water mine by pouring a small amount in the basin below and allow the plant to wick up the water that it needs.

The key to keeping your indoor garden plants looking good is “less is more.” Believe me I have killed my fair share of plants both indoors and out. However, I found that my water neglect has helped more plants than it hurt and I really like having something beautiful and alive to look at during the winter season.

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