Grow Write Guild #20: Describe Winter in your Garden in 5 to 10 Words

snow-covered-treesThe Grow Write Guild is a writing prompt series (created by Gayla Trail) from You Grow Girl to help those of us who want to write about our gardens and our gardening experiences. For more information about the Grow Write Guild, click here.

This week’s prompt is, “Describe winter in your garden in 5 to 10 words.” Gayla goes on to suggest writing from a negative standpoint and then again from a positive one. Here’s my work:

It’s the coldest winter that I can really remember. My garden is unreachable. I cannot take my favorite garden walk which I have done in the winter many times, not because of the snow – and we have had some snow – but because of the bitter cold temperatures. My garden appears to be mostly barren, as most plants have disappeared under a blanket of snow, frozen and brittle with the harsh winter wind.

However, experience tells me that many of my plants are merely resting now; they are resilient and will show themselves to my delight come spring. Even though I cannot walk outside, I can look out the window and gaze at the snow-covered landscape as it sparkles in the sunlight. Anticipation of what will be is a mystery that makes spring-time all that more enjoyable.

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  1. Denise Wright says:

    I liked your winter garden description. I think you summed up exactly how I feel at this time of the year. I find the snow beautiful but cold temps keep my attention indoors. This is the time to wait patiently and plan for a beautiful and bountiful garden come summer.

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