Grow Write Guild Prompt #19: Write about your plans for the coming growing season

tomatoesMy plans for the coming season. Let’s see. Some of it is the same old, same old.

Buy more plants. Find reasons to buy more plants, because that’s what I like doing best. Sadly there are always some plants that don’t make it through the winter and I can always find a spot for a new addition. I especially want to buy a nice rugosa rose this year. I haven’t had a lot of success with the David Austin type of roses but I did have a beautiful, very fragrant rugosa, that produced a ton of rosehips, and I think I would like to have one again. 

Move stuff around. Plants that maybe didn’t do so well last season. Maybe it was the lighting or water? At new location may be just the ticket.

Divide and conquer. I enjoy dividing certain plants like hosta and iris because it’s easy and then there’s more to love and it helps invigorate the plants themselves.

I do have one exciting new plan for this season; adding a raised bed for edible gardening. Outside of herbs, my gardens are ornamental and I love them, but I don’t really have a place to grow other edibles. To top it off I have a real critter and deer problem.

I would love to grow lettuces and the ever so scrumptious tomato, so I have come up with new vision. I plan on building an elevated raised bed on the corner of my property, with a nice piece of lattice on the back. It would look somewhat like a garden bench and the lattice would provide a place for attaching deer fencing or other screening to keep the wildlife at bay. Now I just need to get hubby’s approval and help.

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