Handmade Holiday Gifts

merrychristmasThis is the time of year when I start thinking about what I can make to give out to just about everyone during the holidays. Family, friends, co-workers, hair dressers, house cleaners, mailmen and so on. Last year I made simmering potpourri bags which were very pretty and not difficult to make. I’ve posted the details under the project section of this site. The year before I made homemade hot fudge sauce. This year I have a few ideas. I need something that isn’t too cumbersome to make and won’t break the bank since I usually make around 50-75 items.

  • Holiday potpourri – The kind in that you place in a bowl not on the stove.
  • Bayberry Candle Tins – Homemade candles poured into tins with the bayberry luck saying.  Variations of: “This Bayberry candle comes from a friend so on Christmas Eve (New Year’s Eve) burn it down to the end. For a Bayberry candle burned down to the socket brings joy to the heart (health to the home) and gold (wealth) to the pocket.”
  • Rolled Beeswax Candles – Just like it sounds. Pretty bundles of two tied up with a ribbon. You can buy sheets in the color of your choice and a spool of wick and all you have to do it roll them up.
  • Winter Hand Salve — Made with beeswax, carrier oil and essential oils probably something unisex like grapefruit but I really like the combination of lavender and rosemary.

Okay it sounds like I’ve made these before. Well yeah I have but not the bayberry candle. So maybe that is what I will make this year. I’ll be sure to post how it turns out on my projects page. Stay tuned

What do you think? What other handmade gifts are people making this year?

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