5 Simple Tips To Create Beautiful Hanging Flower Containers

Planting beautiful hanging flower containers is probably my very favorite thing to do in the spring. For years I would shop on Mother’s Day weekend, and plant all of my planters while my hubby helped out with the kids. It was a really special treat for me, and even though my kids are now grown, I… [Read More]

Plant Life Cycles: Annuals vs Perennials and More

As a beginner gardener you may have wondered why some plants are labeled with the term “annual,” or perennial. This term has to do with the how the plant grows. Plant life cycles lets you know how the long the flower will perform and last in the garden. Though annuals and perennials are probably the… [Read More]

Favorite Annual Flowers for Container Gardening

I love planting tons of flowers in containers this time of year. I typically head out to a couple of local nurseries and pick up several 4 inch pots to stuff my containers and hanging baskets. As time goes by I find myself selecting some of the same ones over and over again, because I… [Read More]

Planting Tips for Container Gardening

I spend my mother’s day weekend buying and planting flowers because I love it and  in my zone 6a part of the world it is usually safe to plant annuals outside. Still, I watch out for any nights that dip into the 30’s. If this happens I try to either cover them with tarps, plastic… [Read More]

Friday Favorites

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