Easy Poinsettia Arrangement for the Holidays

You can find them everywhere this time of year, and though they do come in many pretty shapes and sizes now, the average poinsettia in a pot can be a little boring. Why not make a poinsettia arrangement for the holidays by cutting the flowers and placing them in a vase? Easy Poinsettia Arrangement for the… [Read More]

How to Make A Dried Hydrangea Basket

A great way to make use of a large bounty of hydrangea blooms, is to gather them into a pretty display basket. After all, it’s a shame to waste so many beautiful flowers. They are easy to dry, and last a long time. Easy, quick and basically free, those are the best projects, and I think… [Read More]

Forcing Forsythia and Other Flowering Branches

The winter here in Pennsylvania can drag on and on. Some people joke and say we have four seasons; almost winter, winter, still winter and summer. While that’s obviously not true, our spring and fall do seem to fly by, and in the winter, garden lovers like me can’t wait for spring. One thing I like… [Read More]

Dried Hydrangea & Seeded Eucalyptus Centerpiece

Here’s a closer look at our centerpiece from the Christmas Home Tour. I knew I wanted to use some of the pretty dried flowers from my hydrangea bushes this year. Also, I kept being pulled to the many vintage and rustic boxes I noticed all over the blogosphere. So when I visited a new vintage store… [Read More]

How to Create a Beautiful Fall Foliage Centerpiece from Your Backyard

You really can’t beat the beauty of fall foliage. Spring and summer flowers are gorgeous but I equally adore the dark hues of red, orange and the almost black currently found in the garden. Autumn in the garden has a wonderful warmth and richness that makes it a great time to create a fall foliage centerpiece… [Read More]