Beautiful Bittersweet Vine: Decorating with Nature

Every fall I look around for some bittersweet vine to use in my decor. There’s something about the bright red berries with their outer yellow shells, and their flower-like structure that attracts me. Typically the bittersweet vine can be found in the woods and along walking trails here in Pennsylvania. This is what it will look… [Read More]

Easy Flag Fruit Tart

Here’s another oldie but goodie. Using fresh fruit, packaged cookie dough and an easy cream cheese filling you can make a beautiful and tasty tart for everyone to enjoy. For this one I arranged the fruit on a rectangular jelly roll pan in the shape of the US flag, but in the original recipe, that… [Read More]

How to Create a Beautiful Fall Foliage Centerpiece from Your Backyard

You really can’t beat the beauty of fall foliage. Spring and summer flowers are gorgeous but I equally adore the dark hues of red, orange and the almost black currently found in the garden. Autumn in the garden has a wonderful warmth and richness that makes it a great time to create a fall foliage centerpiece… [Read More]