7 Out of the Ordinary Shade Perennials

I have a good deal of shade on my property. My home was built in the mid-eighties so much of the original landscaping is mature, including the trees which offer quite a bit of shade. This is great for our electric bill in the summer but not so great for someone who wants to grow… [Read More]

Friday Favorites – Favorite Shade Loving Perennials

Summer’s almost over and the nurseries are starting to have great sales. If you are looking to fill in a shady spot in your garden check out the following list of some of my favorite perennials that do well in the shade. A really large blue hosta. Gets about 4 ft tall by 4.5 ft… [Read More]

Entertaining with Edible flowers

Using edible flowers when entertaining adds color and interest to your presentation, and I think it also adds an extra “something” that you don’t see every day. The taste of most flowers is very mild, but their beauty makes everything extra special.   First, there are a couple of things to remember. Don’t use flowers with… [Read More]