Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake: Easy and Decadent

Chocolate peanut butter cake. This recipe is easy to make and so decadent, with layers of chocolate cake, peanut butter and chocolate ganache. My entire family loves chocolate. However, my brother is a chocolate peanut butter fanatic. So, since it was his birthday, while we were at the beach, I made a decadent chocolate peanut… [Read More]

Chocolate Buttercream Cookies for Valentine’s Day

I’ve been thinking about making homemade Oreo-like cookies, so when I came across a heart-shaped cookie cutter in one of our drawers, I thought; why not make chocolate buttercream cookies for Valentine’s Day? Chocolate Buttercream Cookies My idea was to make a thin chocolate cookie that was somewhat crispy, like an Oreo. I used a basic… [Read More]

Easy Ice Cream Brownie Cake Recipe

I made this easy ice cream brownie cake for Christmas Eve. We had a few cookies and candies, and my sister also brought over a nice tray of cookies, but I just had to serve something in addition for dessert. It was last minute, but I couldn’t believe how easy and yummy this dessert turned out…. [Read More]

Mug Cake Mix – Gift in a Mason Jar

Do you have a sweet tooth? After dinner, do you crave just a little something sweet? I admit to being that person. Yet I try not to have too many temptations calling my name around the house. You know, because once I know they are there, I worry about them. Well, I think I found the… [Read More]

The Best Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

This double chocolate chip cookie recipe was inspired by my deep love of chocolate. I know I’m not alone, and believe it or not there are actually are some chocolate recipes, (though not many), that are too chocolaty, even for me.  Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe I’ve added chopped pecans to this one for added texture… [Read More]

Wildly Delicious Chocolate Torte

This recipe came to me from some of my girlfriends in college. For my birthday they gave me this booklet on chocolate. One of the recipes was this rich, dense, sinful, chocolate torte. Chocolate Torte   I’ve been making my own simplified version of it for years, and it’s pretty easy to make. One of my favorite… [Read More]

Fancy Chocolate Charlotte Cake Recipe

I remember that my mother used to make this fancy chocolate mousse cake with lady fingers on special occasions. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find her recipe in any of her books or clippings. Just another thing I wish I would have asked her about before she passed.    Luckily in today’s world we… [Read More]