Caribbean Inspired Watermelon Rum Punch: A New Favorite

This watermelon rum punch recipe is perfect for summer, with island juices, watermelon puree and white rum. When I was a young teenager my parents took us on a vacation to Santa Domingo where my great uncle lived. I remember some of the food tasted funny, because it was cooked with peanut oil. However, I… [Read More]

Entertaining and The Moscow Pom Cocktail Recipe

We host Christmas Eve dinner at our house, and this year I tried to come up with a new drink to serve. We also have wine, and basic bar drinks, but I thought it would be fun to make something and have my guests give it a name. The winner is: The Moscow Pom Cocktail.  Moscow… [Read More]

Raspberry Shrub Recipe

This raspberry shrub recipe was inspired by our trip to Sonoma, California. In fact, it was given to us at SHED just like my inspired recipe for   California new potato salad. Though I had heard of these drinks with vinegar before, I haven’t actually ever tried one. So when we were offered a blood orange… [Read More]

Quick & Easy Steamed Shrimp

Growing up near the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, my husband knows what it takes to make great steamed shrimp. So when we go to the beach, he takes center stage, making lots of steamed shrimp for everyone to enjoy poolside, with a cocktail. The truth is that they are super easy to make. All he does is bring… [Read More]

Light and Refreshing Skinny Moscow Mule Cocktail

Skinny Moscow mule cocktails are just as good and the original with less sugar, for a refreshing, lower calorie cocktail. A few years back my husband told me about this drink he had served in a special copper mug called a Moscow Mule. I’m sure many of you have already heard of this vodka based… [Read More]

Host a Harvest Party

It seems like there is always a reason to entertain in the fall. Why not throw a harvest party? The weather is beautiful, especially here in the eastern part of the U.S. with the changing leaves, and in my family there are several birthdays to celebrate. This year my daughter came in for the weekend with… [Read More]