How to Make Flour Tortillas from Scratch

It’s Cinco De Mayo, and many are celebrating with delicious flavors from Mexico. My family is a huge fan of this cuisine, and recently while my daughter was visiting, she showed me how to make flour tortillas from scratch. Yes, it is so much more convenient to buy them at the grocery store. However, when you’re… [Read More]

5 Multi-talented and Useful Herbs to Grow

Today I’m sharing 5 multi-talented, useful herbs, that are a must for any garden. If you are new to gardening, one of the best types of plants to grow are herbs. This top five is not only pretty to look at, they are all perennials, which means they will come back year after year. You… [Read More]

Fast and Easy Vegetarian Lasagna

Sometimes you just need something quick and easy to make for dinner. I found this recipe for a quick vegetarian lasagna many years ago from a magazine and have made it so many times I don’t even need to refer to the recipe. It helps that it is so simple and uses items you are… [Read More]

Game Day Chili

While there are so many great recipes out there for serving on game day my favorite by far is my Chili recipe. Why? Because it feeds a lot of guests. It can easily be transported to your family or friends home if you are not the host, either in a crock pot or a large… [Read More]

Cooking with Herbs – Growing and Using Basil

Growing and using basil is a must for any gardener who likes to cook. Basil is one of the most common and frequently used herbs. It is probably best known for its use in Italian cuisine, but it’s also popular in Thai recipes. Growing and Using Basil   Growing Basil While cilantro loves the cool… [Read More]

Cooking with Herbs – All About Chives

Welcome to the first post in a series of short articles about cooking with herbs. Today we will focus on cooking with chives. The chive plant which is part of the lily family and cousins to garlic, shallots and onions.     Growing Chives Chives are one of the easiest herbs to grow. They show… [Read More]

Cooking with Herbs – A Garden Matter Series

So you’ve planted all these beautiful herb plants and maybe you are thinking now what? For me, I love the look of herbs growing in the garden. They are beautiful and fragrant and many of them have pretty flowers that can be used in arrangements. Still, most people grow them for cooking, which I see as an added… [Read More]