Melt in Your Mouth Homemade Apple Dumplings

Another item introduced to me by my husband, was a Pennsylvania Dutch apple dumpling. When visiting his family in central PA, near Amish country we picked up a few apple dumplings, in the fabulous market in the center of town. He would heat the dumpling, and add milk, to eat any time of day, mostly breakfast…. [Read More]

The Best Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

This double chocolate chip cookie recipe was inspired by my deep love of chocolate. I know I’m not alone, and believe it or not there are actually are some chocolate recipes, (though not many), that are too chocolaty, even for me.  Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe I’ve added chopped pecans to this one for added texture… [Read More]

Strawberry Praline Trifle

This recipe for strawberry praline trifle is part of the Ultimate Recipe Challenge hosted by Kim Six of The Kim Six Fix. The feature for this bi-monthly challenge is strawberries. You can see all the yummy strawberry creations at the end of this post. When we were told that strawberries were going to be the feature I… [Read More]

Peach & Blueberry Sugar Cookie Cobbler

My husband loves peach cobble, so I made this peach & blueberry sugar cookie cobbler, and I thought I would share it today here on the blog. Peach & Blueberry Sugar Cookie Cobbler When I was a kid I remember my mother making cobbler with peaches that we just a little too ripe to eat,… [Read More]

Scented Geranium Cake

This recipe for scented geranium cake is super easy to make. It’s great for a lady’s lunch or tea, or even for a small baby or wedding shower. Here, I am using scented geraniums, similar to the ever popular large colorful flowered nursery hybrids, however, these plants have strongly scented leaves and very small flowers…. [Read More]

Our Favorite Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

I’m really not a big fan of pie. So many of them have this gooey filling, and the crust can be dry, however, my mother used to make a dutch apple pie that I loved. Instead of an upper crust, she used a crumble topping somewhat like my apple crisp. It was a family favorite…. [Read More]

Wildly Delicious Chocolate Torte

This recipe came to me from some of my girlfriends in college. For my birthday they gave me this booklet on chocolate. One of the recipes was this rich, dense, sinful, chocolate torte. Chocolate Torte   I’ve been making my own simplified version of it for years, and it’s pretty easy to make. One of my favorite… [Read More]