Using Plants & Flowers to Add that Special Touch

Today I am joining a great group of women, who are writing about blogging in their fifties. For me, my piece of wisdom is; trust your gut. Usually I find that if I like it, many others will too. One thing I like to do, is add that special touch to my home and gifts, through… [Read More]

Dried Flower Ornament

I made these simple ornaments many years ago. Since the are made with dried flowers they can only hold up for so long, but they were so pretty I thought I try them again. You can make these dried flower ornaments with a simple glass or plastic ball, some dried flowers and a hot glue… [Read More]

Drying Hydrangeas – Ever Lasting Decor

If you love hydrangeas then you might be interested in drying hydrangea blooms to save in a vase or use in a wreath. The process is really very easy. Timing is the issue in this simple craft. Along with time comes patience and I can relate with having a problem when it comes to patience…. [Read More]