Drying Hydrangeas – Creating Everlasting Decor

Drying hydrangeas is an easy technique to master, and a great way to preserve the beautiful blooms for use in your home decor. Are you growing hydrangeas? If so, you will definitely love drying hydrangeas to save in a vase, or use in a wreath. The process is really very easy. Timing is the issue… [Read More]

Test Tube Dried Flowers and Herbs Handmade Gifts

This tutorial for test tube dried flowers and herbs is the perfect small gift for any occasion. In this week’s Tuesdays in The Garden, we are celebrating Christmas in July. My fellow garden bloggers (listed below) are sharing ideas on how to make gifts from the garden. One super easy gift that you can make… [Read More]

Using Plants & Flowers to Add that Special Touch

Today I am joining a great group of women, who are writing about blogging in their fifties. For me, my piece of wisdom is; trust your gut. Usually I find that if I like it, many others will too. One thing I like to do, is add that special touch to my home and gifts, through… [Read More]

Dried Flower Ornament

I made these simple ornaments many years ago. Since the are made with dried flowers they can only hold up for so long, but they were so pretty I thought I try them again. You can make these dried flower ornaments with a simple glass or plastic ball, some dried flowers and a hot glue… [Read More]