Easy Flag Fruit Tart

This simple patriotic flag fruit tart recipe is a big hit at parties. It’s another oldie but goodie. Using fresh fruit, packaged cookie dough, and an easy cream cheese filling you can make a beautiful and tasty tart for everyone to enjoy. Easy Flag Fruit Tart   For this one I arranged the fruit on a… [Read More]

Peach & Blueberry Sugar Cookie Cobbler

My husband loves peach cobble, so I made this peach & blueberry sugar cookie cobbler, and I thought I would share it today here on the blog. Peach & Blueberry Sugar Cookie Cobbler When I was a kid I remember my mother making cobbler with peaches that we just a little too ripe to eat,… [Read More]

How to Make an Edible Centerpiece for Thanksgiving

Here’s a twist on the Cornucopia for your Thanksgiving table. An edible centerpiece which is simply a display fruit and nuts in a large bowl as your symbol of abundance and plentiful harvest this year. It can also double as a dessert option for those who are watching what they eat.  Materials Large bowl –… [Read More]