Divide and Conquer – The Skinny on Dividing Perennials

Do you have some perennials that are out of control? Maybe some of them just look sad; they’re starting to bald in the center and hardly bloomed last year. Or maybe, you wish you had more of the same plant in another part of your yard.  These are all great reasons for dividing perennials and maintaining beautiful plants… [Read More]

Successful Gardening: Choose a Plant of the Year

Did you know that several organizations choose a “Plant of the Year” to celebrate their favorite plants? More importantly these are “tried and true” meaning that they are usually easy to grow and typically work well in a wide range of soils and climates. I started buying the Perennial Plant of the Year a long time… [Read More]

Fun and Interesting Plants that Self Seed

Here’s a list of plants that readily self seed for me in my garden. I either leave them where they are or dig them up to plant somewhere else in the garden. I also give them away to friends and co-workers, who always appreciate a good free plant. Plants That Self Seed Rose Campion – Blooms… [Read More]