Divide and Conquer – The Skinny on Dividing Perennials

Do you have some perennials that are out of control? Maybe some of them just look sad; they’re starting to bald in the center and hardly bloomed last year. Or maybe, you wish you had more of the same plant in another part of your yard.  These are all great reasons for dividing perennials and maintaining beautiful plants… [Read More]

Friday Favorites – Favorite Shade Loving Perennials

Summer’s almost over and the nurseries are starting to have great sales. If you are looking to fill in a shady spot in your garden check out the following list of some of my favorite perennials that do well in the shade. A really large blue hosta. Gets about 4 ft tall by 4.5 ft… [Read More]

Grow Write Guild Prompt #19: Write about your plans for the coming growing season

My plans for the coming season. Let’s see. Some of it is the same old, same old. Buy more plants. Find reasons to buy more plants, because that’s what I like doing best. Sadly there are always some plants that don’t make it through the winter and I can always find a spot for a… [Read More]