Maidenhair Fern: A Hard to Kill Houseplant

One of my favorite plants is the maidenhair fern. Though there are many species of maidenhairs, I particularly like Adiantum capillus-veneris for it’s arching delicate fronds and the contrasting dark, almost black wiry stems. Many say that this plant is only hardy to zone 7a, but I do grow it in my 6a garden. It’s somewhat… [Read More]

Same Plant Different Hardiness Zones

Have you ever noticed the same plant growing in different hardiness zones? I was fortunate enough to take a vacation recently starting in Hawaii (zone 12) and then Sonoma County California (zone 9). Of course, I had to take a few plant pics of all the beautiful flowers I came across. I was especially fascinated to… [Read More]

Growing A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Have you noticed this beautiful tropical houseplant that is tall and skinny with really large leaves. The fiddle leaf fig tree or Ficus Lyrata is becoming very popular in home decorating, and as I continue to set up my home office, I felt it really needed such a dramatic beauty. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree I’ve been keeping… [Read More]

Easy Indoor Plants: Beguiling Begonias

Do you miss your beautiful plants and flowers once winter approaches? Why not try growing a begonia indoors that will lift your spirits and help purify the air. I currently grow three begonias in my dining room. These are not the normal bedding plants you buy at the nursery. They are more tropical and grown for… [Read More]