See What’s Blooming in the Garden: Summer Garden Tour

This summer garden tour post is part of the Tuesdays In The Garden session where we are sharing garden harvests. When you are mainly an ornamental gardener your harvests include more flowers than veggies, and today the theme for Tuesdays In The Garden is garden harvest, so I thought I’d showcase some of my pretty… [Read More]

Decorating with Hydrangeas: 12 Easy Ideas

Do you love hydrangeas? I fell in love with them a long time ago, and when we moved into this house 12 years ago, I started buying planting these lovely shrubs and now I’m up to 14 and counting. This gives me a lot of options for decorating. If you are growing hydrangea, or have someone… [Read More]

Limelight Hydrangea Wreath Tutorial

Today I want to share an easy way to make fresh Limelight Hydrangea Wreaths. Last year I wrote about hydrangeas and the beloved Macrophyllas or mophead varieties that are fairly hard to grow. I mentioned then the idea of growing peegee hydrangras or Hydrangea paniculata. One very popular newer variety of the is called ‘Limelight.’ It’s… [Read More]

How to Make a Square Dried Hydrangea Wreath

As I was taking down my Christmas decorations I started pitching all my green materials in the back “compost” area, which is really just a place where I dump all my clippings, old dirt etc. I couldn’t decide what to do with all the hydrangea I used, and I just didn’t want to store them so I… [Read More]

5 Easy Summer Flower Arrangements

Here are five easy summer arrangements to inspire you to be able to enjoy the fruits of your garden labor. All plants benefit from pruning and dead-heading so cutting a few blooms it a great way to bring the outside in. 5 Easy Summer Flower Arrangements   1 Multiple Groupings in Simple Vases This is… [Read More]

The Norfolk Botanical Garden

Visiting a 155-acre botanical garden in late-July Virginia can be a challenge. Luckily for us, the weather was unseasonably cool this year, and there was plenty of shade throughout. The Norfolk Botanical Garden was created in 1938 by a local city official, Thomas P. Thompson, and a horticulturist, Frederic Heutte. Heutte believed that the local… [Read More]

Maintaining Mopheads – Tips on Growing Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular garden flowers are coveted by many, including me. Many people have asked me about growing hydrangeas, and though there is tons of information out there I thought this was a good time to give you my experience in a nutshell. I hope it will help with some of… [Read More]