5 Herbs to Know and Grow

Looking for something new to grow?  I chose five herbs, two annuals and three perennials, that are easy to grow and a little out of the ordinary. They require no maintenance, are rarely eaten by deer, and like most herbs, have a usefulness outside of their obvious garden beauty. Borage – borago officinalis Historically known for its ability to… [Read More]

Friday Favorites June

This month I want to share with you some of my favorite plants that have beautiful foliage. Happy Friday Everyone! Enjoy the Weekend!   shared on: Creativity Unleashed  

Plant-Lore for Halloween

Halloween can be traced back to the early Pagans who worshiped nature and the natural order of life. Hundreds of years ago they marked November 1st as the beginning of the new year just after the end of summer and harvest.  They celebrated the Samhain Festival to mark the end of the season of the… [Read More]