Planning Next Year’s Garden Considerations

Planning next year’s garden is something you may want to consider before winter. Making notes now will keep you ahead of the game come spring. This is our final Tuesdays in the Garden series and today we are talking about getting the garden ready for winter. Every year in the fall I assess my garden… [Read More]

7 Helpful Tips for Tackling Weeds in Your Garden

It’s Tuesdays in The Garden, and this week we are discussing planning for summer. I don’t know about you, but weeds are a major issue for me in the summer. I do my best to block with mulch in the spring, but come mid-summer watch out. Maybe you have the same problem. This is why… [Read More]

Curb Appeal – Gardening on the Other Side of the Walk

Gardening on the other side of the walk is a concept I heard about several years ago and it’s one of those slap me on forehead kind of ideas. Gardening on the Other Side of the Walk  I was attending the Garden and Landscape Symposium of Western PA. This is something my sister and a couple… [Read More]