Rustic Wooden Pumpkins Using Scrap Wood

Recently I invited my family over for Sunday dinner during the Steeler game. In addition to preparing a great feast, I wanted to decorate our main living area for fall, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of time, or money. So, while I was bringing out boxes of decorations from the basement, I noticed several… [Read More]

Decorate Your Home: Easy Summer Mantel

It’s been rainy here, so while I was stuck inside I thought I’d do some decorating by creating a summer mantel. If you are like me, then you have a lot of items around the house accumulated over the years. Things stashed in the basement or tucked away in a chest or cabinet.  Why not shop your home and… [Read More]

Nature Inspired Fall Mantel

Do you enjoy the beauty of nature? I do. Sometimes, I even find the weeds beautiful. Okay, maybe not when they are strangling my favorite plants, but a few are quite pretty. That’s why this year I have a nature inspired fall mantel. For example, I’ve been pulling this one out all summer long. It’s shallow-rooted… [Read More]