Gardening Quiz

This gardening quiz is a fun way to see what kind of gardener you are based on a series of questions. Personality tests are always to much fun. Here’s one that may show just what type of gardener you are.  Enjoy the quiz. (use the bar on the right to scroll down and start)  … [Read More]

Pine Cone Christmas Tree for Your Holiday Home

This is another throw back to my herbal gift shop days. A Styrofoam base, plenty of hot glue and a bag full of mini pine cones are all you really need to create a pine cone Christmas tree. Pine Cone Christmas Tree Here I have made two pine cone Christmas trees. As you can see I… [Read More]

16 Nature Inspired Fall Decor Projects to Make Now

Everyone loves the farmhouse style. You know the homes with a ton of white everywhere, somewhat minimalist decor, lots of neutrals. I like it too, but there is no way I can decorate my home in this fashion. First of all we still have a lot of dark wood everywhere and our main living area… [Read More]

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Nature Inspired Fall Owl Wreath Tutorial

Not too long ago, we noticed some adorable owlets in our backyard, thanks to the cat, who kept staring at this birch tree in the garden. It was dusk, so I guess that’s why we were able to see them up close. These little cuties inspired me to make a fall owl wreath, with elements of… [Read More]

Beautiful Bittersweet Vine: Decorating with Nature

Bittersweet vine has great fall color that will last as a long time. Use it in wreaths, vases or anywhere to add a touch of fall to your home decor. Every fall I look around for some bittersweet vine to use in my decor. There’s something about the bright red berries with their outer yellow… [Read More]