The Best Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

This double chocolate chip cookie recipe was inspired by my deep love of chocolate. I know I’m not alone, and believe it or not there are actually are some chocolate recipes, (though not many), that are too chocolaty, even for me.  Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe I’ve added chopped pecans to this one for added texture… [Read More]

Mississippi Mud Cake Recipe

If you like chocolate, and lets face it who doesn’t, you’ll love this recipe. I originally tasted this decadent dessert on a beach vacation with some of my Tennessee friends. Each family was responsible for cooking dinner for everyone one night during the week. My friend Julie made this amazing cake that was so yummy,… [Read More]

Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pretzel Bars

This decadent dessert came to me while thinking of something to bring to my sister’s house for a Saturday night football game. She already had a bunch of great food prepared but I always like to bring something, and the game didn’t even start until 8pm. So, I asked her if she would like me… [Read More]