10 Cut Flower Perennials That Are Easy To Grow

Many perennials make beautiful floral arrangements in the home. I love cutting some and placing them in vases around the house, especially when we have a party. So today I’m sharing ten of my favorites. All are perennials which means they will come back year after year, and all are easy to grow. Easy Cut Flower Perennials… [Read More]

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Divide and Conquer – The Skinny on Dividing Perennials

Do you have some perennials that are out of control? Maybe some of them just look sad; they’re starting to bald in the center and hardly bloomed last year. Or maybe, you wish you had more of the same plant in another part of your yard.  These are all great reasons for dividing perennials and maintaining beautiful plants… [Read More]

A Peony Portfolio: in the Garden

If you held a gun to my head and made me pick one flower as my favorite it would undoubtedly but the graceful and magnificent peony. Today I am sharing a nice peony portfolio from my garden. The first two are traditional herbaceous peonies which means they die back every year. These are the same ones… [Read More]

Oh Praiseworthy Peony – The Finest of all Garden Flowers

Hands down, the peony is my all-time favorite flower. I used to say that I could not pick a favorite, and there are several flowers that I really love, but the Peony is definitely my favorite and is, in this humble writer’s opinion, the finest of all garden flowers. The Praiseworthy Peony Here’s why: It’s… [Read More]