Favorite Top 10 Scented Plants Perfect in the Garden

This week for Tuesdays in the Garden I’m sharing my favorite top 10 scented plants. Our theme is favorite gardening tips, and though I love to buy beautiful plants, those that are also fragrant top the list. I’ll give you a little bit about why I like them, and some basic facts about their cold… [Read More]

10 Cut Flower Perennials That Are Easy To Grow

Many perennials make beautiful floral arrangements in the home. I love cutting some and placing them in vases around the house, especially when we have a party. So today I’m sharing ten of my favorites. All are perennials which means they will come back year after year, and all are easy to grow. Easy Cut Flower Perennials… [Read More]

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10 Long Blooming Plants You’ll Love

Today I’m sharing 10 long blooming plants that show off all season long. One is a shrub, but the rest are perennials, which means these plants will not only bloom for a long period, but should come back year after year.   Other good options for long blooming perennials are Rudbeckia, Campanula, Gaillardia, and Veronica…. [Read More]

Plant Life Cycles: Annuals vs Perennials and More

As a beginner gardener you may have wondered why some plants are labeled with the term “annual,” or perennial. This term has to do with the how the plant grows. Plant life cycles lets you know how the long the flower will perform and last in the garden. Though annuals and perennials are probably the… [Read More]

Plants with Fall Color

I’m so fortunate to live in an area where the roadside if full of beautiful changing leaves during autumn. However, as an ornamental gardener, I like my garden to look good as long as possible, so I often purchase plants with fall color; or those that I know will either bloom, produce fruit, or change color in the fall. Trees The sugar maple,… [Read More]

Pruning Perennials: Fall or Spring?

Do you cut back your perennials every fall? Maybe you’re a neat and tidy person, who cannot stand the idea of messy foliage past its prime. Maybe you’ve been taught that pruning perennials in the fall is the correct way to prepare your garden for next year. Well here’s my secret. I don’t trim my perennials… [Read More]

Hardy Succulents: Growing Sedum

A while back I wrote about sempervivum, hardy succulents, commonly known as hens and chicks. These pretty succulents work well in all the beautiful arrangements in unusual containers, wreaths and garden beds for people who have harsh winters. But, there is another group of succulents, with hardy northern temperaments, similar to the sempervivum, called sedum. Sedum… [Read More]