2017 Plants of the Year: Great Choices for the Garden

The 2017 plants of the year are some of the best places to get ideas for new plants. These are plants that each garden association choose every year. The great part is, they are typically some of the easiest most versatile plants you can grow in the garden.  2017 Plants of the Year I have been… [Read More]

It’s New to Me: Fresh Garden Ideas

What’s new? What’s popular? What else can I plant? These are typical questions that go through my mind, especially in the off-season. Sometimes I think the dreaming, searching and planning are the most fun. Recently I was doing just that, and found a few fresh garden ideas that I wanted to share with you. Fresh Garden… [Read More]

Successful Gardening: Choose a Plant of the Year

Did you know that several organizations choose a “Plant of the Year” to celebrate their favorite plants? More importantly these are “tried and true” meaning that they are usually easy to grow and typically work well in a wide range of soils and climates. I started buying the Perennial Plant of the Year a long time… [Read More]