Makers Mix Concrete Mini Planters

My cousin Michael Assisle, aka “The Glueologist,” sent me a new product he is working with from Beacon, called Makers Mix Concrete. He also sent me one of their sweet little molds, so I thought it would fun to make a couple of concrete mini planters. Concrete Mini Planters These were a breeze to make. You… [Read More]

Painted Pots with Natural Pigment

I was browsing through an old book called At Home with Herbs by Jane Newdick, when I came across a project on painting pots with natural pigment powder. Her pots looked so beautiful so I stopped at the hardware store and picked up some linseed oil and an ordered a pigment kit from Painted Pots I’ve read that… [Read More]

11 Top Picks: Gardeners Gift Guide

  I picked out 10 gifts which I think anyone who gardens or simply loves plants would enjoy. I know I would. Simply click on the image to read more about the item. Plants Of course every gardener loves plants. I picked out a plant that works well indoors and out from Logee’s Greenhouse. Scented… [Read More]

Planting Tips for Container Gardening

I spend my mother’s day weekend buying and planting flowers because I love it and  in my zone 6a part of the world it is usually safe to plant annuals outside. Still, I watch out for any nights that dip into the 30’s. If this happens I try to either cover them with tarps, plastic… [Read More]