Handmade Pressed Flower Jewelry Dish

Recently I came across this pretty ceramic soap dish made by Salt Marsh Pottery. It was one of the items we used to sell at the herbal gift shop. As I was looking at it I wondered if I could make a little jewelry dish from polymer clay. Pressed Flower Jewelry Dish     So I… [Read More]

Decorating with Hydrangeas: 12 Easy Ideas

Do you love hydrangeas? I fell in love with them a long time ago, and when we moved into this house 12 years ago, I started buying planting these lovely shrubs and now I’m up to 14 and counting. This gives me a lot of options for decorating. If you are growing hydrangea, or have someone… [Read More]

Pressed Flower Glass Coasters

I love the look of botanical prints and there’s something about seeing them under glass that brings out their beauty. It also reminds me of playing with my brother’s microscope as a kid. I really enjoyed playing with the slides and looking at the specimens under the glass. Pressed Flower Glass Coasters Recently when visiting… [Read More]

DIY Handmade Paper with Pressed flowers

I’ve always wanted to make my own paper with real plant material. However, after researching the process, I decided to take an easier approach and make handmade paper with pressed flowers using household paper waste. The process is simple. The first batch I made was just okay but the second time was much better, and I’m… [Read More]

Pressed Flower Candles

Here’s an idea. Dress up a candle with pressed flowers. Pressed flower candles are great gifts for friends or make a great addition to your tablescape or other vignette. Here’s an idea. Dress up a candle with pressed flowers. It makes a great gift for a friend or especially now, would make a great addition to… [Read More]