Make a Mini Moss Garden Centerpiece

We have a lot of moss growing on the property. This moss is a great free addition to pots and terrariums, and you can even use it to create a mini moss garden centerpiece for your spring decor. It’s similar to the very popular and adorable fairy gardens you’ve seen online. This one has a cute little nest… [Read More]

Gardening Indoors: 3 Ways to Use the Beauty of Glass

When gardening indoors consider adding a little glass to your decor. It helps shield the most tender of plants and adds a nice sparkle to the room. Here are three different ways you can add glass to your home with the beauty and living greenery of plants. 3 Ways to Use the Beauty & Benefit… [Read More]

Primrose Passion

When I look at plant catalogs or browse the Internet, especially on sites like Pinterest, I am always enamored with photos of primroses. This time of year in January, you will see the mass production of the hybrids all over the grocery stores. They are so bright and cheery, that I always have to buy… [Read More]

Easy Spring Dish Garden

Dish gardens are simply plants grouped in a shallow container or dish. You sometimes see them at funerals with a group of houseplants. People choose a dish garden instead of a floral arrangement so that the family can take it home with them it in memory of their loved one. However, I think this concept lends itself as… [Read More]

Grow Write Guild Prompt #18: “Write a Eulogy for a Plant that Died”

Oh, grocery store primrose. I was so happy to see so many brightly colored beauties, during the heart of winter, in my local grocery store, so I bought one and placed it on my kitchen windowsill. This primrose brought me many days of enjoyment. It was so cheerful, sitting there proudly, blooming day after day…. [Read More]