Time to Dig In: Simple Tips for Preparing Your Spring Garden

In my neck of the woods spring is just around the corner and if you like gardening as much as I do, then you’re probably itching to get out and dig in the dirt. I am happy to announce that I am joining a group of fabulous garden bloggers for the season, to present Tuesdays… [Read More]

7 Gardening Rules of Thumb For New Plants

According to the dictionary, the term Rule of Thumbs means; “a method of procedure based on experience and common sense.” So today I’m sharing a few gardening rules of thumb, that I have learned over the years. 7 Gardening Rules of Thumb Sometimes it’s the little tips people tell you, that make all the difference. … [Read More]

Pruning Perennials: Fall or Spring?

Do you cut back your perennials every fall? Maybe you’re a neat and tidy person, who cannot stand the idea of messy foliage past its prime. Maybe you’ve been taught that pruning perennials in the fall is the correct way to prepare your garden for next year. Well here’s my secret. I don’t trim my perennials… [Read More]

Basic Pruning Tips for a Beautiful Garden

Many people new to gardening fear basic pruning of their plants. Though it may seem complicated you can maintain your garden pretty easily by follow a few simple steps. The key to flowering plants is knowing when they produce their flower buds so that you don’t remove all the branches before they have a chance… [Read More]