2017 Plants of the Year: Great Choices for the Garden

The 2017 plants of the year are some of the best places to get ideas for new plants. These are plants that each garden association choose every year. The great part is, they are typically some of the easiest most versatile plants you can grow in the garden.  2017 Plants of the Year I have been… [Read More]

The Norfolk Botanical Garden

Visiting a 155-acre botanical garden in late-July Virginia can be a challenge. Luckily for us, the weather was unseasonably cool this year, and there was plenty of shade throughout. The Norfolk Botanical Garden was created in 1938 by a local city official, Thomas P. Thompson, and a horticulturist, Frederic Heutte. Heutte believed that the local… [Read More]

Plant of Year – Always a Good Choice

Are you looking for some easy to grow plants? Do you have a “Survival of the Fittest” garden? Are you a plant collector always looking for the best and brightest? A great place to find plants that fit the mark are the winners of Plant of the Year contests. Many plants in my garden are… [Read More]