How to Make Fabric Bowl Covers

While shopping with my sister and friend in the strip district, I stopped in at Loom, a beautiful textile store full of high end fabrics, notions, and vintage pieces. In the front they have a section of fat-quarters for $3.50. If you are into collecting beautiful fabric patterns, you may have found yourself with a… [Read More]

How to Make Linen Napkins: 3 Ways

Do you love the look of natural linen? I like the rumpled casual feel. This year for the holidays I thought I’d make linen napkins. As you might expect, purchasing the material is a lot cheaper than buying the napkins outright, but you do have to prep the fabric, cut, and finish the edges. Today I’ll show… [Read More]

DIY Padded Luggage Strap Cover

I bought this great overnight bag, and took it with me on a two week vacation this last spring. It was big enough to pack my laptop, and several other things in it, but, the strap was killing my shoulder. When I came home, I decided to make a padded luggage strap cover, to help… [Read More]

DIY Bed Pocket Caddy

I was talking with my daughter about dorm rooms. I wanted to know what some of the “must haves” were for a new student. You see, my niece is going to the same university this fall, and I wanted to give her something special for graduation. I decided on a DIY Bed Pocket Caddy because as it… [Read More]

How to Make Potholders

This tutorial on how to make potholders, is a very easy beginner sewing project. Potholders are something that I find just need to be replaced now and then. I do try to wash them, but even then, they never seem to be the same afterwards. So when I was shopping for fabric to cover my lampshades, I… [Read More]

DIY Mini Pouf Ornament Tutorial

I know that it’s early for Christmas, but as  blogger I want to make sure I can share my ideas in plenty of time for you, the reader, to have time to create these items for yourself. So, when I had a chance to participate in a handmade ornament exchange, I decided to go ahead… [Read More]

Sore Muscle Corn Bag

When my kids were little I bought my first “corn bag” from a local craft fair. If you haven’t heard of a sore muscle corn bag, it’s a simple bag filled with corn that you microwave, and then place on your back or neck etc.. to provide heat to your sore muscles. Here’s the one I… [Read More]