Foundation Planting Ideas for Overgrown Landscapes

My husband was tired of the three large boxwood shrubs, covering part of the front side of my house, and had them torn out last spring. This left a huge gap, so I needed to figure out what we should plant in the space. Typically foundation planting has groups of several insignificant shrubs that stand… [Read More]

The Easiest Way to Propagate Woody Plants

I found this trick out by accident. I planted a Hydrangea paniculata  in the back of my house. The next season I noticed that one of the lower branches that lay on the ground rooted and I cut it from the original plant and now a few years later I have a five foot tall… [Read More]

5 More Must Have Shrubs For Your Garden

One of my most popular posts is 5 Must Have Shrubs for Your Garden.  That was back in 2014 and while I’m thinking of this year’s garden, I thought I’d share 5 more must have shrubs. They are all easy to grow, require little maintenance and are deer resistant. Again, I’m giving you the basics,… [Read More]

Plants with Fall Color

I’m so fortunate to live in an area where the roadside if full of beautiful changing leaves during autumn. However, as an ornamental gardener, I like my garden to look good as long as possible, so I often purchase plants with fall color; or those that I know will either bloom, produce fruit, or change color in the fall. Trees The sugar maple,… [Read More]

Growing and Maintaining Rhododendrons

Here in Southwestern PA I think we take for granted the ease and abundance of the lovely rhododendrons. Just about every other home from the suburbs to more the more rural areas have them growing in the landscape. However brief, this easy to grow shrub puts on an amazing show in May and early June.   The rest… [Read More]

Easy Pruning Guide Graphic

As you can see from the picture above occasionally our perennials and shrubs get out of control. Sometimes you simply have to prune them so you can walk on the sidewalk. The tricky part is knowing when to prune so that you are not sacrificing your beautiful blooms. This article contains a handy pruning guide to… [Read More]

5 Must Have Shrubs for Your Garden

As a child I first dabbled in houseplants. As a young adult I began experimenting by combining pretty annuals in pots. When I purchased my first home, I was a big fan of perennials. I still love them and grow quite a few however, after a while I realized that my garden design was somewhat lacking. Although… [Read More]