How to Make a Freeform Hypertufa Planter

I’ve been itching to make a hypertufa planter for some time now. There are tons of tutorials and recipes all over the web. One in particular from Blue Fox Farm mentioned these small “pinch pots” made without molds, and that is what inspired me to try and make a freeform hypertufa planter. Freeform Hypertufa Planter Tutorial  … [Read More]

Gardening Indoors: 7 Terrific Terrariums

Think you have a black thumb? Try a terrarium. I made this a year and a half ago, and I swear I haven’t watered or touched it. Now, it probably needs to be pruned a bit, but how amazing is it that I don’t have to water it. That’s the beauty of this terrarium. You can… [Read More]

Growing Hens & Chicks: The Hardy Succulents

If you live anywhere north of the deep south, you may have noticed that your succulents don’t make it through the winter. You can try to bring them inside in the fall, but you will still need a strong sun source. It seems that many places generically label “succulents” when they can vary greatly in their… [Read More]

Handemade Gifts: DIY Gifts from the Gardeners

here are so many resources online today. So much to get excited about. Especially around the holidays. Some of my gardening friends have graciously allowed me to round-up some of their favorite handmade gifts to make from the garden and for the garden. I’m sure you will be inspired by all of them. The first… [Read More]

Succulents – Beautiful Inside and Out

Succulents are great plants to enjoy in the home, and outside during the growing season. They have become more and more readily available in the most unique shapes and varied colors. Lately the more I see them, the more I want. There are a range of plants to pick from. In my zone 6a garden… [Read More]