Easy Flower Pot Herbal Beer Bread

Flower pot herbal beer bread. We used to sell these at the herb shop as a gift kit, but you can easily make them yourself. All you need is a terracotta pot and ingredients for the bread. Flower Pot Herbal Beer Bread I’m using a quick beer bread recipe, because it is super easy and you can… [Read More]

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser

When my sister and I ran an herbal gift shop we sold a lot of essential oils, items made with essential oils, and accessories to go with essential oils. One, was a pretty ceramic diffuser, that you heated water with a few drops of the essential oil(s), simply from a tea light below. So, recently when I was… [Read More]

3 Ways to Age Terracotta Pots

Aging terracotta pots is a fun craft for any time of year. Do you love the look of old weathered pots? You know the ones which have taken on a chalky appearance from minerals and salts leaking out over the years. No need to wait, you can easily create faux aged look in no time. Three Ways to… [Read More]