Gardening Indoors: 3 Ways to Use the Beauty of Glass

When gardening indoors consider adding a little glass to your decor. It helps shield the most tender of plants and adds a nice sparkle to the room. Here are three different ways you can add glass to your home with the beauty and living greenery of plants. 3 Ways to Use the Beauty & Benefit… [Read More]

Gardening Indoors: 7 Terrific Terrariums

Think you have a black thumb? Try a terrarium. I made this a year and a half ago, and I swear I haven’t watered or touched it. Now, it probably needs to be pruned a bit, but how amazing is it that I don’t have to water it. That’s the beauty of this terrarium. You can… [Read More]

Create an Indoor Garden with a Terrarium

Okay, it’s cold, very cold, here in Pennsylvania. Today it is snowing too with one-three inches expected throughout the day. Uggh! And, to top it off it’s only early February, which makes spring seem so far away. Well, here’s something that might cheer you up. Plant a terrarium. It’s a lot of fun and super… [Read More]

Bringing the Outdoors In, with a Wardian Case

The Wardian Case is a precursor to the terrarium. Invented in the late 19th century by Dr. Nathaniel Ward, a London physician and plant enthusiast, the Wardian case was created when Dr. Ward accidentally found that plants could thrive for long periods of time in a sealed, transparent container. Dr. Ward used a clear bottle… [Read More]