Butternut Squash Tart with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

It seems like butternut squash is available any time of year. However, if you are growing this squash, or still shopping the farmer’s markets, fall is the best time for this tasty vegetable. Or is it a fruit? Recently I picked up a nice one, and made a butternut squash tart with tomatoes, goat cheese… [Read More]

How To Make Grilled Pizza

Back when I used to live next door to my older sister, I had a pleasure of eating grilled pizza, topped with fresh veggies from her garden. Recently I talked to her about this memory, and she shared some of her tips. How to Make Grilled Pizza Tip 1 Make sure the grill is very… [Read More]

Summer Tomato Bruschetta

There’s nothing like a ripe summer tomato. One of my favorite ways to eat them is as bruschetta. Summer Tomato Bruschetta  I wish I could grow them here in Pennsylvania, however, I do not have the space, nor enough sun to grow great big juicy tomatoes. Even the people I know who grow them here don’t… [Read More]

Harvest Tomato Pie

  My tomato growing hasn’t been much of a success this year. The cherry and pear tomatoes did great but there is nothing better than a large homegrown tomato in my opinion. Luckily for me the farmers market was filled with lots of great looking tomatoes for purchase. On this trip I bought a mix… [Read More]

Garden Tip Tuesday

Grow Write Guild Prompt #19: Write about your plans for the coming growing season

My plans for the coming season. Let’s see. Some of it is the same old, same old. Buy more plants. Find reasons to buy more plants, because that’s what I like doing best. Sadly there are always some plants that don’t make it through the winter and I can always find a spot for a… [Read More]