Handmade Rustic Decorations for Your Christmas Tree

I have this cut pencil tree that I usually place on my front porch during the holidays. This year I thought it would be fun to decorate it with all handmade rustic decorations for a cozy country feel. You know, most pencil trees already have that primitive, country look to them, so adding more natural… [Read More]

Pine Cone Christmas Tree for Your Holiday Home

This is another throw back to my herbal gift shop days. A Styrofoam base, plenty of hot glue and a bag full of mini pine cones are all you really need to create a pine cone Christmas tree. Pine Cone Christmas Tree Here I have made two pine cone Christmas trees. As you can see I… [Read More]

Dried Flower Ornament

I made these simple ornaments many years ago. Since the are made with dried flowers they can only hold up for so long, but they were so pretty I thought I try them again. You can make these dried flower ornaments with a simple glass or plastic ball, some dried flowers and a hot glue… [Read More]

Repotting My Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

I’ve had my dwarf Meyer lemon tree for almost two years now, and although I was pretty sure I should repot it, I was hesitant because it was doing well, and I hated to upset the apple cart. However, recently while I was moving it from the sink to the plant stand and I dropped it! Now I had… [Read More]

Lemon Tree – Very Pretty

Remember this song? “Lemon tree, very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet.” Well my wonderful husband gave me a dwarf Meyer lemon tree for Christmas. It’s only a year old but as you can see, it already has several buds. I can’t wait for the buds to open. How will they look, and perhaps… [Read More]