How to Make A Tussie Mussie

  During the Elizabethan Era, people and even men carried small fragrant bouquets held up to their nose, to mask the stink and filth in the streets. Later, during the Victorian Era, where everything was formal and ornate, these nosegays began to take on meaning. They called them “tussie mussies,” which became a social grace and… [Read More]

Tussie Mussies and The Language of Flowers

The phrase “tussie mussie” comes from a medieval word that means “sweet posy.” Originally, they were fragrant, floral nosegays carried by both men and women to help mask foul odors and protect themselves from disease. Tussie Mussies Plants such as lavender, rosemary, thyme and sage were specifically used during the plague because of their disinfectant… [Read More]