Make Your Own Statement Necklace from Vintage Jewelry

A statement necklace from vintage jewelry, is a super fun way to use old brooches, and pretty items that you might find in a thrift or antique store. The next time you go to an estate sale, flea market, antique or thrift store, take a moment to check out the jewelry. Old brooches, earrings and… [Read More]

Unique Planter Ideas

I’ve rounded up several unique planter ideas to inspire you this season. There are so many, from fun and whimsical, to fancy and practical. Rule of thumb: If it holds soil, and you can put a hole in it, then you can plant in it. These out of the norm planters, add tons of character and… [Read More]

Vintage Garden Collectibles

When shopping at estate sales and vintage/antique shops I find it helpful to have a few ideas of items I’d like to find. If you are a garden lover I have a few interesting collectibles to add to your list. A while back I wrote a post about Flower Frogs and showed several owned by my friend Lisa. She… [Read More]

Creative Fun with Vintage Seed Packet Prints

I love the look of vintage seed packets and catalogs. Did you know that there are several sources of public domain images online? I scoured the net in search of a few good ones to share with you. Vintage Seed Packet Prints   For your crafting pleasure I have made them available to you at the bottom… [Read More]

Antique Shopping Treasures

A favorite past-time of my friends and I is shopping at antique malls and local gift shops. Recently we went away for the weekend and spent the good part of the afternoon on the first day shopping. Here are some of the purchases I made in addition to some really good chocolate covered pretzels and potato… [Read More]

Home Decor: A Styleboard with Chairish

I was recently contacted by Holly at Chairish to create a styleboard of some of their beautiful vintage pieces from their latest collections. Chairish is an online mega swap meet for designers, or anyone to buy and sell vintage furniture, accessories, even jewelry. What a great idea, huh? They even have an iphone app which… [Read More]

It’s News to Me – New Trends and Gardening Obsessions

Seed Libraries Did you know that there are libraries where you can check out seeds, along with the latest New York Times bestseller? I didn’t either, until recently. Some libraries actually have programs where they are basically giving out free seeds. The rules vary, but basically, the idea is that you grow the plants from… [Read More]