How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath for Fall

Tilted Brush Stroke

Perfect for your fall decor, this pine cone wreath will look great on your front door to greet your guests all season long.

– Pine cones – Grapevine Wreath – Wire Cutters – Loppers – Acrylic paints – Glue gun and sticks – Burlap Ribbon


1. Remove some of the scales from the middle of the pine cone with wire cutters.

2. Cut the pinecone in half. I used a pair of tree loppers.

3. Paint the flowers in whatever colors you like. You can also leave some natural.

4. Use hot glue to attach the flowers to a grapevine wreath starting at the bottom middle section first, then work your way up the sides.

5. Cover the whole wreath with flowers or just the bottom half and add a bow if you like.

Thick Brush Stroke

Hang on your front door for all to see and admire.