Wine Bottle Candles

The perfect gift for the holidays and a great way to recycle and repurpose bottles into something fragrant and beautiful.

Choosing Bottles

Choose a wine bottle with a flat bottom if possible so the wax will melt clear to the bottom.

Score the bottle

Cut wine bottles into candle holders with a bottle cutter. Discard and recycle the tops. Then sand down any jagged edge where the cut was made.

Add a Wick

Hot glue wicks with tabs to the bottom of your bottles. You can also add a bit of hot wax to the bottom of the tab to hold it in place.

Add Wax

Melt wax in a candle pitcher or in the microwave. Add fragrance oil and stir. Pour the wax into each container.

Hold Wicks in Place

Hold the wicks in place with a straw cut in the middle. Once it hardens, remove straws and trim wicks.

Add a Label

The fragrance oil for these candles was called Wassail so it made a great name for the label.

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