Make  Rope Easter Basket

This dyed rope basket is a great beginner sewing project. One that you can easily create in an afternoon, and is perfect for your Easter decor.

– Cotton clothesline  – Food coloring – Vinegar – Thread - white – Large hat pin


Pre-dye sections of the clothesline rope with food coloring and vinegar just like easter egg dyeing.

Make a coil at one end of the rope using a large pin to hold it in place.

Use a zigzag stitch to hold the coil. Keep it flat, and sew as much as you want, to create the bottom.

Then turn the coil 90 degrees and continue sewing, just as you did before to create sides.

When you get to the height you want, stop to make handles by leaving sections of rope untouched for a couple of inches

Enjoy this fun DIY and many more through the link below.