Adult Coloring Pages on Muslin Bags

Have you jumped on the adult coloring bandwagon yet? This is a great relaxing activity that sparks your creativity and makes you feel like a kid again. So, while I was getting ready to go away with my girlfriends for the weekend, this particular project came to mind. I wanted something for us to do, that didn’t require a lot of time, and was easy to transport.

Adult Coloring Pages on Muslin Bags

three colored monogrammed bags ~ adult coloring pages ~

It turned out great. We talked, laughed a lot, and colored late into the night. Then each one of us went home with our own colorful personalized bag.

Materials for coloring bags ~ adult coloring pages ~

The Materials

Muslin Bags
Color Pages
Iron on transfer paper
Sharpies or other permanent markers

Transferred print onto bags ~ adult coloringpages ~

The Process

The process was pretty simple. I found the bags at hobby lobby. Unfortunately there were only two rectangular ones, so I purchased the taller bag for myself. Next I looked online for some coloring pages. I ended up using a couple from Webgraphics.

To add the monogram I edited the image in Picmonkey, and added the letter of my friends’ first name, which just happened to be M. I picked a different pattern and font for each bag, and let them choose the one they wanted.

NOTE: Don’t forget to reverse the letter.

I printed the image onto iron-on transfer paper for t-shirts. Then I ironed the print onto the bags. Be patient. Something I really struggle with is patience. The transfer works best when you follow the directions and take your time. I made mine first and as you can see in the photo above some of the transfer didn’t come off too well. Luckily the sharpie pens and the print can mask this error, and it turned out fine.

hand coloring bag ~ adult coloring pages ~

Easy, fun, and a great gift to take home. These adult coloring pages worked wonderful on bags. Now I’m thinking of making a t-shirt, or a large tote bag for shopping. How about a decorative tea towel? Hmmmm so many things to color.

Transfer adult coloring pages onto a canvas bag. This is a fun way to spend time with your girlfriends and give them a special gift too.

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  1. It was a blast! And I’ve gotten great use out of my bag, using it to wrangle my portable phone charger and cords. Great idea!

  2. Yes, thanks for a great tutorial! Wonder if it’ll work on old canvas slip ons? I have a few that I’d like to spruce up for summer 🙂

    • Hi Yamimi,

      The only problem I can see with canvas shoes is the ability to iron on the transfer. Here’s a thought. Maybe you should print out the graphic and then using carbon paper or even by rubbing pencil all over the back of the paper, trace the image on your shoes. That way you won’t have to worry about ironing or the possibility of the transfer paper coming off. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

      • Sounds like a solution, Patti! Let me give it a go, I’ll let you know for sure how it comes out. Thanks for taking time to reply 🙂

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