Make a Mini Moss Garden Centerpiece

We have a lot of moss growing on the property. This moss is a great free addition to pots and terrariums, and you can even use it to create a mini moss garden centerpiece for your spring decor. It’s similar to the very popular and adorable fairy gardens you’ve seen online. This one has a cute little nest with a speckled egg, in homage to spring.

Speaking of spring, I am proud to say that I’ve joined a bunch of super talented and creative bloggers from Hometalk, who are also sharing their spring diy ideas today in a giant blog hop. Check out the details at the bottom of this post and keep an eye out for #DIYMySpring.

Mini Moss Garden Centerpiece

Moss and flowers in tray ~ mini moss garden ~


This project started with a brand new galvanized tray that I found at Hobby Lobby.

galvanized container dipped in vinegar ~ mini moss garden ~

See the shiny new surface on the bottom inside of the tray. That’s what it looked like when I purchased it. I wanted this container to look worn and rustic so I let it sit in vinegar on its side, and moved it every few hours to get that rusted look.

galvanized container aged with vinegar and paint ~ mini moss garden ~

Then, using a little blue and black craft paint, I played around with some sponges and brushes until I got a nice looking patina.

moss garden for spring ~ mini moss garden ~

The tray was  planted with a beautiful primrose and a small pot of baby tears. I also dug up a couple of emerging hyacinths, which are so old they don’t even bloom anymore.

moss from yard ~ mini moss garden ~

Then it was outside to collect some living moss. I love the way the it lifts up from the dirt so easily. I tried to keep it in large sheets so that it would cover as much surface as possible.

Tip: Make sure the potting soil is damp, or mist it before laying the moss down, and that will help it adhere and grow better.

It’s looks so fresh, bright and green, just like spring. The perfect centerpiece for our Easter table.

Okay, now check out all these other fabulous DIY bloggers from Hometalk, and see what they have created.

Hometalk Spring Blog Hop Image

This simple mini moss garden makes a great centerpiece to bring in spring with green moss and pretty primroses.












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  1. Love this project!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Patti, this is SO lovely!

  3. Hi Patti – Adorable! Visiting as a fellow contributor to #DIYMySpring. Hope your week is full of sunshine! Hugs, Holly

  4. Ohhh! I love your little garden. The container is so perfect as well. Thank you for such a fun idea!!

  5. Patti…I do have that moss around my house, on the brick walkways, and I really love it so. It’s a great idea to bring it indoors. Think that’ll be my project this weekend. I know a garden store that sells those tiny plants for fairy gardens…oh, can you hear my creative wheels start grinding away? Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    Oh, and that vinegar trick! Wanna try that too!
    Happy Tuesday…
    Hugs, Lynn

  6. So precious! Nothing says spring like moss, and you just made it into something irresistible for the indoors. Love this!

  7. This is delightful! I love mini tabletop gardens and thanks for all the helpful tips. I never new to dampen the soil under the moss first and that vinegar could be used to age metal! Pinning and sharing
    Visiting from the blog hop

  8. I love it Patti! Living moss is so soft and sweet and perfect for this. Now I need make one! Thank you for the great project. Hugs -Jenny

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