10 Long Blooming Plants You’ll Love

Today I’m sharing 10 long blooming plants that show off all season long. One is a shrub, but the rest are perennials, which means these plants will not only bloom for a long period, but should come back year after year.

1. Coreopsis aka Tickseed

1. Coreopsis aka Tickseed
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The first is Coreopsis 'Moonbeam.' This variety has been around for a long time, and there are so many new varieties available. Watch out, you may become addicted. Many are shades of gold. However, I know of at least one that is a rosy pink, and recently I saw a gorgeous deep burgundy colored one.


Other good options for long blooming perennials are Rudbeckia, Campanula, Gaillardia, and Veronica.

If you love flowers, this list of long blooming plants is great for beginning gardeners, and will allow you to enjoy flowers all season long.

Learn about 10 long blooming plants that work well in a many gardens. One is a shrub and the rest are perennials which means that will come back every year.

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  1. Great list, Patti! When I was younger I always wanted to grow annuals because they tend to be so much showier than perennials. Fast forward a few years and I so appreciate the stability of a great perennial. There’s some new-to-me varieties on this list so I’ve got fresh inspiration. Thanks!

  2. So ironic that I found this post today as I was just at the garden shop buying several of these perennials for a new front garden bed at my hose! I got Russian sage, cone flower, Shasta daisy and lavender. If my budget allowed, I would have gotten rose campion too! I’ve bookmarked this article for next year’s planting season! Cheers!

    • Hi Laura,

      How fun! Perennials can be addicting but since they come back every year I always feel justified in spending money on them.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Ya know! I’ve had fun this year collecting seeds for next year from. This years fallen flowers, Cosmos is a good one! The place in the flower that holds the seed are always SO amazing looking! To me lol I may be just odd! 🌸🌺

        • Hi Lesley,

          You are not odd at all. Collecting seeds it a great way to save money and grow flowers that you love the next season. My sister-in-law has the most beautiful spot of zinnias that she re-grows from seed every year.

          Cosmos are really pretty airy flowers. In fact, there is a beautiful chocolate one that I have my eye on.

          Enjoy your flowers and thanks for stopping by,

  3. Rosemary Burritt says:

    I was without my perennial gardens for 2 years because of a move from NJ to PA. But this year I have it back and LOVE IT! I look out the front and my spirits are instantly lifted. The Butterflies and the bird visitors are wonderful. Love this site! came upon it via http://www.pinterest and so so glad I did. I am having a great time reading! I think the secret to perennials is raised beds with great soil. I tried half heartedly and my success with poor clay soil was not good. A lot of money waisted! I am busy cleaning out old beds of Boston and English ivy. What a mess. When cleaned out it will have a big load of good soil placed on top and it will be fun to garden. Thanks again for the great site!

    • Hi Rosemary,

      I agree raised beds are a big help for any gardening. Glad that you are enjoying you new place and found this site.
      Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by,

  4. This year I hope to embrace my “inner gardener”! This list is the first place I am going to start!

  5. What are some good perennials for shady areas?

    • Hi Betty,

      I did a post called 7 out of the ordinary shade perennials that you may like. Most of them bloom either in the spring or late summer. I also like hellebore and begonia grandis for shady spots. Some hardy geraniums will bloom in partial shade and they are long bloomers. You may want to try finding some good shade lovers with pretty foliage that will last all season long such as coral bells or foam flowers.
      Hope this helps,

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